Saturday, February 19, 2011

Double-gauze ice cream

My poor neglected blog! I can't believe it has been more than a month since I posted. But I have a fantastic excuse in the form of a teeny tiny wee bub making its home in my belly and making me so sick and tired in the process. My sewing machine has been gathering dust and I don't think I've ever spent this long without stitching.

But things are looking up! I'm on anti-nausea meds and I've got my sewjo back with lots of little projects planned.

I've posted about Oliver + S's ice cream blouse before. Great little pattern. I've also posted about my love of double-gauze before too. Now the two have finally met.

When my little girl had nothing to wear to a party recently I decided to make her an ice cream blouse as the pattern is so quick and simple and I knew I could finish it within a couple of hours. I thought the double-gauze would compliment it perfectly, and it does.

We had a few problems though. If you've ever worked with double gauze you'll know that it has a very loose weave. This makes it lovely and cool, but is also means that it can move out of shape a bit. In this case, the nature of the fabric meant that the two halves of the notch on the yoke wanted to go in different directions. It looks fine, but I have to be very careful when washing it. I think if I was to make this in double gauze again I would reinforce/interface the notch (same goes for any other stress areas on other garments).

On the whole though, I'm happy with this top. Here are some pics:

The completed top. The fabric is from Cosmo textiles.

Button from my stash.

Sweet pea after the party. This is a size 3 with added length, for my little giraffe :)