Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Katie bag

I probably sound like a broken record but I just love, love, love Echino. If I was limited to only buying/sewing with one type of fabric for the rest of my life I'd choose Echino, and die a very happy woman.

My little Echino collection is growing rapidly, thanks in part to my little sister who recently found some for $9/metre while in Japan. And although I could stare at it all day long, it's wasted in my sewing cupboard, so I'm trying to use it where I can.

I discovered a great little site a while back called I Think Sew. She has beautiful patterns - mostly handbags and shoes - and I was drawn to her samples, especially as many of them use Echino.

I bought few patterns, including the Katie Bag. I'm not usually a bag sewer but I really liked this one, and thought it would look great made up in some of my favourite fabric. The pattern came together beautifully. It's fairly simple but the result is fantastic. The bag is supposed to have a belt on it (which I love, it's what drew me to the pattern) but I felt the fabric was too busy for the belt, so included some wooden buttons as a focal point instead.

So on to the pictures... I really love the finished product but realise it's not everyone's cup of tea. I actually made this for my sister-in-law but am going to make another for myself.

The finished bag - front (looks a bit gaudy in full sun!)

Front detail

The back - a little bit more pink!

Lined in a grape coloured cotton canvas with a magnetic closure. I included a small pocket made of the exterior fabric.

The buttons I included instead of the belt. I stitched these with coordinating cotton.