Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage sheet quilt

Last Friday my son had the mother of all meltdowns. It was huge - the worst of I have ever seen. And of course we were in public. As I carted my kicking, screaming two year old back through the shopping centre, while wrestling the pram and my girls, I felt pretty embarrassed by him. I love him to bits, but at that moment I was NOT proud of him, not at all.

And that's kind of how I feel about my latest creation. I adore it, but I am really not proud of it. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It seemed to fight me every step of the way and in the end I gave up - I just wanted to get the damn thing finished. Anyone who knows me knows that that goes against all of my perfectionist tendencies, but this thing beat me down, like a two year old who has missed his nap and is high on sugar.

The piecing was okay, but the quilting is atrocious and so, so, wonky. It looks so Becky Home-ecky. Even the binding gave me grief. And there's blood on the back of it people - blood! - from when I skewered my finger while binding it. Oh yes, I can honestly say this one caused blood, sweat and tears.

But I do love it. Look at those pretty fabrics! They make my heart sing. And they're so soft, perfect for its new owner, my sweet baby girl. I used vintage sheet fabric, mainly purchased from Etsy, but I got a few locally too (for 25c - woot!).

I have a real love affair with vintage sheets (remember this onesie?) and have a few more projects on the go for Baby A's room.

So there you have it, despite my lack of blogging I really have been sewing. Most of it is too boring to blog about (PJ pants and highchair covers - yawn) but I have three really big projects on the go that I hope to finish and share with you before too long.

The quilt will be used as a playmat, and matches the framed fabric above Baby A's cot.