Saturday, April 30, 2011

Schools Days coat take 2

I finished my last post talking about the O+S school days coat I was making for my son. Well it's finished, has already been worn to death and is dirty already!

My little boy's coat is super soft pale blue cashmere, lined with a tangerine elongated dot from the Freebird by Momo collection (the actual print is called 'eggs' and the colour is melon). I really wanted a contrast lining, and this looks so lovely on my little guy, who has strawberry blond hair. I had initially wanted to use one of those cute Japanese prints for the lining, but decided not to in the end as a) I wanted a contrast and most of the boyish ones were blue/green, and b) most of my favourite prints were canvas weight, and I thought that would make the jacket too bulky, especially as it's only a sz 18-24 months.

If you're making this coat, I really recommend checking out one of those bead shops to find the leather cord. I looked everywhere and was about to use a leather shoelace, before mum told me where to look. The shop I went to had leather and a man-made leatherette cord in a heap of colours, including many brights. The leatherette would be a good choice if you plan to dry-clean your coat, and the dry-cleaning process can often make leather stiff and crackly. The man-made option is also very soft and super strong.

There's not much else to say that I didn't say in my last post. Except my son loves his coat too, and both kids like wearing their matching jackets together. They recently stood the test of a cold Melbourne escape and got a lot of positive comments.

I feel like my sewing is stuck in cement lately, so much inspiration but so little sewing time. I am itching to get sewing for the new baby, and to make a few more Winter garments for the kids.

The finished coat. The colour is a bit off here - the photo below is much more accurate.

I love the lining :)


  1. I really like the contrast of the blue against the orange. Both coats are fabulous, you should be really pround of the fantastic job you did sewing them!

  2. I love it Claire. I have one cut out for Harry. You were right about there being a lot of pieces - I have cut mine out and that took ages

  3. Beautiful!
    I can't wait to sew for your new baby either!

  4. Gorgeous again Claire. I actually got some wool in pink planning to make capes but then saw this pattern on sale - so grabbed it! How did you find the sizing Claire??

  5. Thanks everyone :) Karen the sizing is good. I made a sz 3 for the 3 yr old and a 18-24 mths for my 19 month old and they fit really well (both kids are 90th centile for height about about 60th for weight, so tall and avg weight). The jacket is roomy enough to wear a couple of layers underneath without being boxy.