Friday, September 24, 2010

Jump rope!

There's lots going on in the online sewing community at the moment. First up, there has been a sew-along for Oliver + S Jump Rope dresses, and secondly, it is kids clothes week over at Elsie Marley.

The sew-along was actually held a few weeks ago but with all that has been going on here (my son has had pneumonia!) I missed out... so it's been a sew-behind for me, rather than a sew-along. Better late than never though.

The kids clothes week challenges people to spend an hour sewing each day, for a week (and for their kids, obviously). I have a few things on the boil but this dress in the first one I have completed.

I really adore this pattern. I bought it because I was completely in love with View A. I thought View B (which I have made, see below) was a bit shapeless, but after seeing some gorgeous View B versions on the O+S Flickr group I decided to attempt that first (and really, my two year is a bit shapeless too, so it suits her!)

View B was also better suited to my fabric. The fabric is by CoCoChi and it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is definitely *my* cup of tea! It's a soft grey with pink, white and black doilies printed on it, with animal silhouettes scattered throughout. Sounds ghastly but I love it! I used a plain pink cotton for the inner placket, pocket trim and sleeve tabs.

The fabric is a heavy cotton, not quite as heavy as cotton canvas. It was a dream so sew with, the only criticism i have is that it frayed very easily.

As you'd expect with and Oliver + S pattern, it came together very easily. It was a '3 scissor' pattern but the only really involved bit was the placket, where you have to be pretty precise. The collar and set in sleeves have the same construction as the music class blouse and sketch book shirt, so were familiar to me and nice and straightforward.

My little girl has picked out some fabric for me to make view A next. Can't wait to get started.

If you like this pattern, go and buy it now. It has been taken out of print sadly, so is likely to sell out soon. I have just rushed out to buy the larger size range as I love it so much.

The completed dress. I am officially a 'view B' convert!

I adore the pockets.

In action. I made a size 3 for my very tall 2.5 year old.

Testing out the pockets (my little entrepreneur insisted I put money in the pockets before she'd let me take this photo).


  1. I just love the fabric choice, such wonderful colours and they look really good on your gorgeous daughter!! What an awesome sewing job too, looks so neat and crisp.

  2. ha! I just got to the bit about your entrepreneur. It's good to know she'll be able to look after you when you're older!

  3. That fabric is perfect for this dress!! And it looks great on her!

  4. thats gorgeous, I might have to try this one out before my soon to be 4 yold tells me she won't wear my sewing

  5. I just adore that print...that is totally my style! And I agree about the view b, I thought it to be rather dull, but your version is making me second guess it. I am still working on mine since we got hit w/ a bunch of sicknesses around here. Trying to figure out the plackets still...:)