Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sketchbook hippos

I have two new newborns in my life to cluck over! Babies Max and Curtis were born to two very good friends just two weeks apart in July & August.

Shamefully, I have only just finished their presents. I rather uncreatively made them the same little outfit - an Oliver + S sketchbook shirt and shorts, in size 6-12 months for this Summer.

I've made the sketchbook shirt before and really love this pattern. I've not made the shorts before as I was a little turned off by the pleat in them, but the finished garment is really lovely. I especially love the fake fly.

I used a print from Daiwabo's Tip Top canvas collection - hippos in grey. The shirt is a Kona solid in a coordinating blue.

I wanted to 'tie' the two pieces together, so I made the shirt's inside yoke using the hippo fabric, and embroidered a hippo on the shirt pocket (I sketched it on then stitched it a few times using a very short stitch). I'm really happy with the way the pockets turned out.

A few things I learned during this process:
1) I get bored very quickly making the exact same outfit twice
2) My sewing has improved since July when I started these outfits. On one hand that's great, but it irks me to give a gift that I think could be 'better' than it is.
3) I really should have tried harder to match the thread to the Kona.

Some pictures:

I thought the pleat was too preppy but I am really happy with these.

Fabric close-up. I matched the blue puddles to the Kona I used for the shirt.

Full outfit (you can just see the other one peeping out in the top left corner)

I used the hippo fabric from the shorts on the inside yoke, to tie the two separates together.

Detail of the embroidered hippo - my favourite part of the whole outfit.


  1. WOW!!!!! That is awesome. The hippos are too cute.

  2. That hippo is too cute on the pocket. I agree with you - my favourite part of the outfit. I was also dubious of the pleat on the shorts - thought they may look a bit 80's