Thursday, January 6, 2011

New journal for a new year

I'm not really one for keeping a diary, but I do have a little journal that I use to keep all my sewing ideas. It has everything from my wishlist of patterns to buy, to fabric combos I like, sketches for clothes I want to make, my always growing 'to do' list and lots of little inspiring pictures ripped from magazines.

I also have a huge stack of fabric from the Echino Fall 2010 collection that I just adore, and look at at least once a day.

I've been wanting to make something for me out of the fabric, but wasn't really sure what. I'd like to reupholster a chair, but haven't found the perfect chair yet, and I haven't yet found the 'perfect' bag pattern to suit the fabric, so a handbag is out for now too.

I eventually decided on using some of the Echino to make a cover for my sewing journal. It's only a small journal (A5) so completely covering it in Echino seemed way too busy. Then I remembered these gorgeous cushions I saw on Flickr and used those as inspiration.

I made a template then cut small petals from the fabric and fused it to some lovely soft linen from Kelani Fabric. I then backed the linen with pellon and quilted the petals with a big spiral, before sewing it into a journal cover.

I'm chuffed with the results and am thrilled to have something just for me, especially as I can get my fix of Echino every time I use my journal.

All done! If I had my time over I would have used a lighter-weight pellon. You can still see my chalk quilt markings too - need to give it a good dust-off.

Sigh - I love Echino. The pattern wraps over the spine and around the back of the journal.

The journal opened out flat. 'My' pen (aka the only pen in the house that isn't dried out/chewed on/missing its lid) has a bright orange shell with purple ink. I've had it artfully arranged on top of the journal all morning! I'm such a nerd...


  1. No ,not a nerd at all!
    A fellow 'details' person.

  2. Claire - this is so lovely - think I may need to copy you! My 'sewing book' is a rather cheap and nasty thing from Woolies!!

  3. This is so lovely! A real work of art. And I know what you mean about pens & kids - I've taken to hiding them from my kids :-)
    Enjoy your journal.

  4. This is beautiful! I love it. I love Echino too although i don't have any in my stash yet. What a great way to use it.