Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy birthday baby!

My wee boy turns two on Friday and I can't believe it! It really does feel like he was born a few months ago. I'm feeling it even more acutely with the impending arrival of his little brother or sister in a few weeks.... I think he is too. Last night after his bath I wrapped him up in his towel and gave him a big cuddle. He rested his head on my cheek and said 'I'm mama's baby'. Eek! I think we are in for a few interesting months ahead.

I really wanted to make my little guy something special for his birthday. I wasn't sure about his initial request for a 'cookie monster dress', but I let him choose some cute Kokka cars fabric from my stash which he just adores, and decided to turn them into some shorts for him. He hasn't seen these finished yet, but got very excited when he saw me sewing up the fabric. He should love them.

They're pretty much the same as the helicopter shorts I made recently. O+S Sketchbook pattern, without the pleat, with a flat front, and two rows of topstitching on both sides of the fly, up the rise, on the pockets and up the outer seam. A few minor alterations that gave me the casual look I was after.

I also wanted to make him a shirt, and as usual turned to my O+S Sketchbook shirt pattern. I've made this several times now and am always looking for ways to make it a bit different. In the past I have monogrammed and also embroidered the pocket. This time I decided to applique a little dinosaur peeking out from under the pocket, as my wee guy loves dinosaurs, and I was keen to avoid using a dinosaur print (I love novelty prints, but need to draw the line somewhere!).

I sketched the dinosaur freehand onto some vliesofix then blanket-stitched it by hand onto the shirt. The eye is satin-stitched. All in all it only took about 20 minutes and I really like the lift it gives the shirt.

I also used the spotty fabric I used for the dinosaur on the inside of both plackets and the underside of the collar. It's not immediately obvious but peeps out hen the shirt is being worn.

All in all I'm happy with this shirt. The fabric was a bit of a nightmare though. It's lovely to look at - a very fine striped aqua and white cotton, but it's very, very crisp and creases so easily.

I'm wrapping these up for the little guy to open on Friday. Happy birthday baby!

Dark and blurry sorry, but here's the finished shirt.

Dino detail! T should love this.

The inner plackets and under-collar both have the same spotty fabric I used for the dinosaur, to tie everything together.

T's brm-brm shorts.

I did two lines of top-stitching on both sides of the fly, pockets and outer seam (plus the rise, which you can't see here).


  1. These are both great Claire - I must try the Sketchbook shorts again (need to break away from my beloved sandbox shorts!)

  2. Gorgeous shirt and shorts. I must try your adaptation of the Sketchbook shorts. I have made them once for my T, and they were way too baggy. My T would love both of these and he's 7!

  3. Happy birthday! That shirt is way too cute!

  4. I hope T has a great 2nd Birthday on Friday! The dino peeping out of the shirt pocket is neat and the entire outfit looks great!

  5. Hi. I just found your blog through EB and couldn't leave without saying that you sew beautifully! Really, everything looks so beautifully made. I'm inspired :)