Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christening gown for my baby

We had our baby girl's Christening this morning. It went really well and I feel like I can relax now - so much work for such a little person!

Most of that work has been sewing. I made Baby A's Christening gown and while I'm really happy with it, it was a lot of work, especially while juggling a baby, 2yo and 3yo. It's made from satin and lined with silk. I'm looking forward to never working with satin again. That fabric has a mind of its own.

The pattern is a modified Oliver + S bubble dress. I didn't sew the bubble, instead opting to lengthen the skirt and lining to create a long dress and pettiskirt. I edged both skirts in a gorgeous tatted lace. The bodice was also finished with the same lace, and I had a ribbon sash at the back.

We incorporated a little history with some 100 year old lace sewn into the sash at the back (from Baby A's great grandmother's Christening gown). The buttons were from Baby A's paternal grandmother's stash (she died before Baby A was born and left me her buttons and sewing machine) and I also made little mock bows to cover the buttons. Baby A wore her great-grandmother's 100 year old crocheted bonnet.

I also made a little pair of shoes for her. The Ottobre Tepsukka pattern, but with the pintucks omitted.

The kicker - I had to do all of this twice, as I also made a dress and shoes for my niece (kind of) who was also Christened today. Early to bed for me tonight!

The finished dress

Front bodice. Love those cap sleeves and am looking forward to making the bubble dress in cotton.

Love this lace

Mock bows on the back bodice...

... covering the buttons

I omitted the pintucks and used the lace instead. Finished with a pearly snap.

Dresses x2 (headaches x 10)


  1. Oh Claire,they are beautiful!
    (and I hear you on the satin)
    Well done and what a generous gift.
    Blessings to Baby A on her special day.

  2. They are fabulous, I am completely in awe - you did it twice!

  3. Claire - these dresses are pieces of art - truly are very very talented

    I love the shoes - and those little baby feet in them!

  4. They dresses are gorgeous! You did a fabulous job on them. And I adore those shoes!

  5. Wow Claire! Beautiful dresses!

  6. The dresses are simply beautiful Claire. You are very clever indeed!

  7. Just beautiful :) (and somewhere along the way I've missed an obvious congratulations too) Don't you just marvel at what you have created since the days of meeting in the Beginner Sewing group on EB! You are inspiring Claire xox

  8. What beautiful dresses. I made a Halloween costume in Velvet and satin and I think I will never revisit either of those fabrics again.