Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pencil rolls

I own far too much novelty fabric, I just can't help myself. A lot of it gets used to make hairclips and buttons, but the rest just sits there prettying up the cupboard. So I was thrilled to be able to put some of it to good use this week by making kids' pencil rolls using the free tutorial over at Little Munchkins.

It's an easy, satisfying project that you can make up very quickly, and the end result is so lovely and perfect to give as a gift.

I made two - a boyish one for my nephew and a decidedly girly one to give my daughter for her 2nd birthday this week. I used Kokka's Toyland in 'natural' with a coordinating yellow cotton canvas for the boy one, and I have no idea of the fabric I used for my daughter as it was a gift and there's nothing to identify it on the selvedge. It's cute though - a black base with flowers, rainbows, animals, trees etc. I don't normally like black for little girls so used contrasting pink thread to stitch it up.

I made up the boy roll according to the instructions but included a layer of thin fusible fleece to the girl's one. I did this because the black fabric showed up through the pink lining. I was worried the fleece would be too bulky but it turned out really well and the roll has a nice feel to it.

I'll definitely make up more pencil rolls in the future. I had fun picking out the fabric combinations and ribbons (green grosgrain with cream polka dots for the boy, and cream grosgrain with black stitching for the girl) and they're so quick and easy to make.

The end products! I adjusted the number of pockets for the yellow roll as the set of pencils I used only had 10 in the box.

I used Kokka's 'Toyland' fabric in Natural. This photo is a bit dark but you get the idea...

Contrasting pink stitching to brighten up the black basecloth.

All rolled up and ready to go. The ribbons still need to be cut to size.


  1. They turned out really well. I love those fabrics you chose, and the pink contrasting thread looks great too.

    Glad you found the tutorial easy :)