Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday party dress, take 2... and 3

I blogged my last (and first) attempt at the Oliver + S birthday party dress last December. I love the pattern so much that I've since made it twice more, once for a friend's little girl and once for my daughter's birthday party.

This time I used satin ribbon instead of the tabs across the pleats and am happy with the results. It gives the dress quite a different feel and is much more girly. I think I prefer the tabs though, they're a bit different and look so cute.

I made the first dress out of fabric from Lecien's Grandma's Flower Garden collection. I'd seen this fabric numerous times online and loved it, and fell even more in love when I saw it 'in the flesh', so just had to buy it. Although the print and colour were even better in real life, I was so disappointed by the weight of the cotton. It was extremely lightweight, almost flimsy. It was so thin that the pins slipped out on their own as I was sewing.

I also should have thought more about fabric placement - lesson learned for next time.

I used an old favourite fabric for my daughter's dress, Fresh poppies in green from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern collection. I adore this fabric and will really miss seeing it in my sewing cupboard, although I only had one yard of it so it really was a case of use it now while my daughter is still little.

I'm very happy with the end result. It's a very fresh and girly dress, and best of all it's NOT PINK! (I love pink, but we have way too much pink in this household). The dress took a lot of punishment at the teddy bear's picnic we had to celebrate my little girl turning two, and washed up beautifully.

The finished Lecien fabric dress. This photo is a little dark as I took it in artificial light.

Close up of the ribbon detail. Still not convinced I shouldn't have used cream ribbon instead.

My daughter's 2nd birthday party dress

I used pearly buttons down the back. I thought about using pale blue but am very pleased with the neutral colour.

Close up. I sewed the ribbon on before I tied it to prevent it from drooping.


  1. Adorable dresses, girls are such fun to sew for! You did a great job.

  2. Love this dress. My daughter is 5 and you have inspired me to try to make her some things. I love to sew but my daughter was very picky when she was younger and wouldn't wear the few items I made. I love your hair clips and the holder you did as well. (my daughter's name is grace- so that was really nice to see the name on the clip holder). I came upon your blog via quilthome newsletter. Congrads on winning!

  3. Claire - they are beautiful. I love the fabric that you chose for both dresses. I still need to make that dress as I have had the pattern for more than 6 months.

  4. Too cute............I will definately have to get this pattern and sew couple up. The pink ribbon looks just fine.

  5. These are gorgeous Claire - particularly love the green one, such lovely soft colours.

  6. HI, It's happy monkey here! They are lovely and so pretty!! I've brought myself the pattern and will give it go...hopefully it will turn out okay. Thanks