Sunday, April 18, 2010

The O+S ice-cream blouse

What a difference a week makes! This time last week I was blogging about my frustrations with an Amy Butler pattern, and today I am on top of the world after making one of the glorious new Oliver + S patterns.

I heard about the new O+S patterns a while ago and was really looking forward to their release. The very first garment I made was by O+S and I'm a huge fan. The end results are always gorgeous, the patterns are so easy to follow and I always learn something new during the construction.

I was lucky enough to be given the ice-cream dress pattern soon after it was released (thanks mum!). I already knew that I wanted to make view C - the blouse - first, after seeing this version by Liesl of O+S on Flickr. In fact I am still on the hunt for the perfect border print to make a similar blouse.

I didn't have any fabric in my stash that I thought really suited the blouse, so I chopped into an old top of mine that I haven't worn since my honeymoon, and used a plain navy blue cotton for the yoke. I don't normally use such strong colours for my little girl but I am thrilled with the result.

As expected, the pattern was fabulous. Nice and easy to follow - there were none of those confusing re-reading moments. The construction is very clever and leaves a nice, clean finish.

As I'm still fairly new to sewing (will be my one year anniversary with my machine in June!) I try to learn something new each time I sew. The pattern suggested that this top would suit French seams, so I gave it a go as the fabric was very soft and lightweight. I used my trusty Sewing Book and a couple of online tutorials to learn the technique and am really chuffed with the results. I can see many more French seams in my future.

I really can't wait to get back to my machine and make more of these tops and a few of the ice-cream dresses too. I made this version in a size 3 for next (Australian) summer, just hope it fits Sweetpea well then!

The finished top

With a white cloth above the yoke lining to show off the very cute notch detail. So simple but so pretty. I was really tempted to use red thread for the top-stitching on the yoke but in the end (after 2 cups of tea and half a block of chocolate) decided that there was enough detail there with the notch and busy fabric.

Super proud of my first ever French seam!

Little Sweetpea modelling it. She is a sz 2 and the top is a 3. Hopefully it will be perfect by next summer.

The top I sacrificed to get the fabric for the blouse. Well worth it!


  1. Very cute! I have two patterns that use french seams but I didn't really understand it. I just sewed them with regular seams. Now that I see yours I can see what needs to be done. Thanks for posting that pic. The light bulb has turned on. Very cute shirt! The fabric was well-re-used.

  2. definatley worth the sacrafice..... especially if you havent worn it for so long

    very cut top.... I must consider investing in this pattern I think

    How do you get your sweet pea to pose so well

  3. Well done! What a great top and the navy shows off the main fabric really well. Cant wait until mine comes in the post.

  4. Aaahh I wanted this pattern anyway - now even more so!
    That top is gorgeous - and I love the fabric combo - it works great.
    You are so productive! Clever thing!

  5. Beautiful! I love that you reused something to make this. And I'm very impressed with those seams.