Friday, May 14, 2010

Something for my little boy

I've been feeling horribly guilty that most of the things I sew are for Sweetpea and my little boy misses out. But that's all about to change as he gets older and outgrows the baby onesie/lycra stage. There are also some fabulous patterns and fabrics around at the moment that are very boyish.

I was lucky enough to get the Oliver + S Sandbox pants pattern for mother's day, and already had some corduroy in the cupboard so started on a pair of pants for my wee boy right away.

As usual for an O+S pattern, the construction was a piece of cake and the pants were lovely to sew. To be honest I didn't think I'd learn anything new with such a relatively basic pattern, but I did! When constructing pants I normally pin and sew with the wrong side facing out on both legs, it's a bit cumbersome with so much fabric to get in the way. This pattern called for one pants leg to be turned right way out and slipped inside the other for sewing and it was so much easier and neater than the way I used to do it. Brilliant!

I used a brown cord for the pants and some of Kokka's cotton canvas novelty print 'Animal Boogie' in brown, orange and lime for the trim. Have I mentioned before how much I love novelty prints?! Lucky I have a 2 year old and 8 month old...

I only made one small amendment to the pattern: I reversed the pattern pieces on the back pockets so that some of the gorgeous lining would show on the outside of the pants.

As usual I'm a very happy O+S customer. My son has worn these pants twice this week and both times we have had people comment on how cute they are. That's a winner in my book!

Front view. Sorry this is so washed out, the waistband is blending in with the background.

Back view.

Back pocket detail, am loving this fabric!

Back pockets again. These are my favourite feature.

My son taking them for a spin. Pants are size 6-12 months and he is a large 8 month old. There's still some growing room though with the tie-front waist. Plenty of nappy room too!


  1. These are so cute I love them.

  2. They are just beautiful, I also struggle to come up with things for my youngest little boy, but these would be divine! Girl wise, Jaida has an overflowing closet of little numbers, my husband is always complaining I sew so many girl things :) I must give this a try!