Sunday, March 27, 2011

My monkey's new monkeys

Winter is fast approaching, and my little boy is not so little anymore, so it's time for a new sleeping bag to keep him toasty at night.

I have made sleeping bags before, using my own pattern. This time around I was a bit too confident, especially after such a long break from sewing, and made a bunch of stupid mistakes, like forgetting to add seam allowances, stuffing up the zipper etc. But, we got there in the end!

I really love the fabric I used. It is from David Walker's Boys Will be Boys collection. I loved it as soon as I saw it (online) and when my local fabric shop had it at 20% off I jumped at the chance. However I couldn't bring myself to use it for clothing - as much as I love novelty fabric it's a bit much, even for me. I eventually decided to use it to make pyjamas, but prefer my kids to wear something with a bit of stretch to bed, so canned that idea. I finally had a lightbulb moment when cleaning out my son's cupboard - he needed a new sleeping bag and this would be the perfect fabric! It will get regular use, so we'll both get to enjoy it often.

The fill is a double layer of cotton and bamboo, which should be very warm and has the added bonus of being low-allergy (my little guy has asthma and eczema and is constantly breaking out in hives after being irritated by something). The lining is a soft white and blue polkadot flannel, for extra warmth.

If it looks stupidly long, that's because it is stupidly long. I married a giant (6'8") and my kids are taking after their daddy. I made this to fit for at least another year. He is currently 18 months and still in a cot, and I'm in no hurry to move him to a big bed. Luckily we have my daughter's old cot for the new baby.

My little boy has given it his seal of approval and will wear his new 'monkey sweeping baggy' for the first time tonight. Even though the colours are traditionally boyish, I think it has pretty broad 'toddler' appeal and baby #3 can wear it too, regardless of its gender.

You know those gorgeous blog pics with handmade clothes hanging on a funky clothesline surrounded by lush green gardens? This is not one of them.

The arms and neck are bias bound with a coordinating print from the same collection.

Super soft flannel lining.

Monkeys! I love these little guys and am glad I finally found a good use for this fabric.


  1. That is a delightful print! Great "sweeping baggy"

  2. GORgeous! You are so clever Claire!

  3. Lovely - and looks so cosy. And the sleeping bag idea was inspired! I've also been looking at this fabric and wondering how to make it work... I think you've shown me the answer.

  4. What a lovely job! Hmmm now do I have time to make one of these on top of my SWAP list : )